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Here´s how it works

Getting started with Period Pack is easy! We aim to make life easier for women. We also strive to simplify things for our customers, janitors, and suppliers.

A subscription based product

With our subscription model, you, as a customer, can relax and not worry about ordering more menstrual products. Through our subscription solution, menstrual products are automatically sent to you. To minimize transportation and be environmentally conscious, we send the supplies once every six months for a six-month supply at a time.

No stress!

You don’t need to feel stressed; the janitor refills the dispenser along with restocking the toilet paper. All you need to do is ensure that the menstrual products we send you are placed on the cleaning trolley with the janitor.

Small or big office? No problem!

Choose between our two packages: the small package or the standard package. The difference between the two is the quantity of menstrual products included in the price. Remember, you can always upgrade or downgrade the packages during the contract period.

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This Pack Includes:

– 3 Regular Tampons 💧💧💧

– Delivered Monthly (You´ll recieve your first delivery 1 week from placed order)

– Cancel and Reactivate your plan anytime