Starter Pack Standard, Dusty Pink

kr3,234.00 every 6 months

In this Starter Pack, you will receive a dispenser along with tampon refills, ready to be set up!

• Ideal for larger offices and places with a lot of visitors
• Designed for a usage of 4 tampons per day
• Includes 1 pink tampon dispenser
• Refills needed every 6 months
• Billing cycle is every 6 months

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In this Starter Pack you get a dispenser with refills of tampons ready to set up! 

The Standard Starter Pack fits companies that have a lot of employees or a lot of visitors. For example a gym.  

We will send you new refills every 6 months, to make sure that you always have menstrual products to fill your dispenser with.  

 What is included: 
• A pink tampon dispenser
• Continuous deliveries of tampons, every 6 months 

More information: 
– Has room for 32 tampons (Two different sizes)
– Installation: screws 
– Level indicator on the front
– Lock with associated key
– Mechanical time delay
– Color: Black och Dusty Rose
– Height: 314 mm
– Width: 200 mm
– Depth: 147 mm
– Weight: 1,3 kg
– Patented  


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