Our engineers have developed and designed our products through a long and meticulous process. With a strong focus on sustainability, we have carefully selected our materials and suppliers. Our mechanics are unique because they allow our customers to easily use our products for many years without any issues. Made from recyclable plastic and without batteries or electricity, our dispenser don´t require any energy that harms our planet. We have a patent-pending time delay feature that prevents users from grabbing more disposable products than necessary.


The concept of Period Pack is carefully planned, and when customers return our machines, we recycle them for the next customer. In our warehouse, our employees have spare parts on-site for easy replacements, and they are sent out again as needed.

Our business idea

Our company was founded by two young women who wanted to help other women avoid the same situation they had experienced – the need for menstrual protection but not having easy access to it. Menstruation is still a subject marked by taboo and shame, which contributes to increased absences for women during school and work. Through our machines, we help workplaces and schools easily provide for their staff and students. In this way, we create a more inclusive and equal society.

We often say that everyone needs toilet paper, but half of the population also needs menstrual protection. – When you need it, where you need it.

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This Pack Includes:

– 3 Regular Tampons 💧💧💧

– Delivered Monthly (You´ll recieve your first delivery 1 week from placed order)

– Cancel and Reactivate your plan anytime