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Tampon Dispenser

Introducing the Period Pack Tampon Dispenser, a revolutionary invention that represents our initial venture into the world of tampon dispensers. We are delighted to bring this patent-pending innovation to you.

– Designed thoroughly with utmost care and attention to detail. 
– The Period Pack Tampon Dispenser offers two tampon sizes, catering to both super and regular flow. 
– The dispenser has room with a generous supply of 32 tampons in total, providing 16 of each size.

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"convenience and discretion go hand in hand"

One of the most remarkable features of this dispenser is its innovative time delay mechanism. This design element allows you to confidently place the dispenser in the restroom without worrying about misuse. With the Period Pack Tampon Dispenser, convenience and discretion go hand in hand.

– By choosing between our classic Dusty Pink or sleek Black color options for the dispenser, you can add a touch of personal style. 
– Both of our subscription plans come bundled with period products included in the price.

So, join us in embracing this revolutionary Tampon Dispenser. With its thoughtfully crafted design, ample supply of tampons, and commitment to inclusivity, it’s a game-changer in menstrual care. Say goodbye to inconvenience and hello to effortless period management with our exceptional dispenser.

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This Pack Includes:

– 3 Regular Tampons 💧💧💧

– Delivered Monthly (You´ll recieve your first delivery 1 week from placed order)

– Cancel and Reactivate your plan anytime