Young Founder of the Year

Global award, 2022

The goal of this award is to inspire further success and serve as a catalyst for the growth of young founders.

In 2022, Period Pack was honored as the silver medalist for Young Founder of the Year in the global awards.

About Young founder:

Young Founder of the Year is awarded to young founders who have the potential to build a successful company, be a good leader and develop into a role model for other young founders. The purpose of the award is to encourage further success, acting as a catalyst to growth for the young founders.

The criteria for being nominated to the Young Founder of the Year award are the following.


• Is under 30 years of age at the time of nomination
• Has started and runs a limited company
• The founder and any co-founders together are majority owners
• Has a revenue of at least 50,000 EUR
• Has the potential to become a successful founder

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